Heart In The City

Music Film: 'Own Worst Enemy' & 'You Left Your Heart in the City' back-to-back...

Part 1 (Own Worst Enemy) was released online to coincide with the release of 'You Animals' debut album, 'Crimes, Creeps & Thrills'. The 3-minute music video is set in present day Manchester and contains cameos from every member of the band, as Terence J Corbett plays a man on the verge of a breakdown.

Part 2 (You Left Your Heart in the City) delves deeper into that same man's story, as we follow him through love, marriage, separation and parenthood, in a film designed to bend expectations of genre, as short film and music video are entwined. The narrative for Part 2 takes place before, during, and after the events depicted in Own Worst Enemy.

Directed, Produced, Filmed & Edited by Mark Duggan (2011).