X: Almost Done...

Principal photography is almost done! Originally we were due to wrap this month but, as to be expected on an indie film, things never run quite as smoothly as you’d like them to (weather & so on) and so we still have a couple more scenes to film before we can relax with a beer (or two). Andrea Pizza has 5 more shots to complete, whilst myself & Terry have 2 more days of shooting before X is officially “in the can”.

It will be 12 months since we started shooting when the film finally wraps - I don’t think myself or Terry realised the amount of time & effort this project would require when we started on 27th September 2017...but it seems that the project will end the way it started - just the two of us out shooting on the streets of Manchester.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with some amazing people, including Andrea Pizza, Jennifer Hayden, Johnny Byrom, Lucy Lucia Brennan, Samantha Vaughan, Michael Schofield and the list goes on to include every other actor who worked on the project (not one ego in sight).

I’ve poured my heart & soul into this film & I can’t wait to share it with you (once I get through the months & months of post-production work). It’s been a mammoth undertaking but we’re nearly there. One final push!

Terry Corbett as 'Man'

Andrea Pizza as 'Marie'

Jennifer Hayden as 'Kate'

Michael Schofield as 'Dave'

Johnny Byrom as 'Simon'

“It’s personal but they need to know”

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