X: Post-Production

Well, we're a month into 2019 and post-production work continues on 'X'.

Editing: I am continually refining scenes/moments but the overall structure of the film is now pretty much locked. The film is 2 hours 20 minutes - a long running time but I believe that the length is completely justified. In fact, earlier this month, I showed the film to Terence J Corbett, and he was very impressed with what he saw - pointing out that he didn't feel like he'd watched a film that was over 2 hours long.

ADR: I am currently preparing for the ADR sessions, which will involve the re-recording of the onset dialogue that was spoken by a number of the actors who worked on the project, including Terence J Corbett, Jennifer Hayden, Andrea Pizza, Johnny Byrom, Michael Schofield, Samantha Vaughan, Lucy Lucia Brennan, Keith French, Kelly Freemantle, Andrew Marsden and Vinny Corbett. A studio space is being made specifically for the re-recording of this dialogue and we will be testing it out very soon. 

Sound design: earlier this month I met with Karen Lauke ( who is collating a collection of ambience sounds for the project and we will be meeting again in February to discuss more specific foley sounds that will be added to the soundtrack.

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