X: The End...

1 week today until filming on the final scenes for 'X' gets under way. I will be shooting from 19th-22nd July, 27th-29th July and 3rd-5th August. These scenes will involve two new characters - Marie, played by Andrea Pizza, and Dave, played by Michael Schofield. The scenes will also feature Simon, played by Johnny Byrom, and, of course, the man who has been with me on this journey for the past 10/11 months, Terence J Corbett...and then we will be wrapped!

I am currently doing lots of last minute prep - refining storyboards, checking in on rehearsals, sourcing props/costumes, creating shooting schedules and so on. It's a lot of work, but earlier this week I heard a story that was a stark reminder of why this film is so important and so all of this effort will be worth it when I see 'X' play out on the big screen.

"It's personal but they need to know..."

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