The Raven On The Jetty: Video Blogs

Factual: A series of Video Blogs documenting the production of 'The Raven On The Jetty' (Dir. Erik Knudsen, One Day Films, 2013).

Film Synopsis: "On his 9th birthday, Thomas travels with his mother to visit his estranged father who, since an acrimonious divorce, has abandoned urban living in favour of an isolated rural life in the English Lake District. The bitter separation of his parents is not something Thomas understands, nor does he understand his own dysfunctional behaviour as a silent cry for help. As a digital native city boy, Thomas’s encounter with the natural world, and his gradual understanding of the pivotal connection he provides for his, ultimately, lonely parents, leads to realisation and discovery. There are things his parents don’t know about each other that only he can reveal. Perhaps  he has the power and the means to change everything."

Documentary series created, directed, filmed & edited by Mark Duggan (2012-2013).

* Blogs 13-19 Filmed by Alex Gilbert.