Synopsis: "Whilst wandering the streets in isolation, a middle-aged man (Terence J Corbett) begins to question where his life went wrong. Why did he push away his friends and family? Why did he indulge in dark and dangerous acts? Why did he feel so inadequate as a child and why does he feel so letdown by life as an adult? And despite answering that "it can't be that"...after reflecting on that one pivotal moment,

it's time to finally admit that it's all because of that."


Inspired by Mark Cousins' £10 Film, 'What Is This Film Called Love?'; Because was shot in under a week, on a budget of £10,

and is the final part of 'The Longing Trilogy' (Under the Bridge / Cold Desert).

Written by & Starring Terence J Corbett.


Directed, Filmed & Edited by Mark Duggan (2013).