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Windowpane (Short, 2014)

24 Hour Film #1: A woman watches on from her bedroom window as a man drops his daughter off at his one-time marital home. As his daughter shuts the door, the man begins to contemplate his past behaviour and everything that he has subsequently lost.

Completed in under a day for the 'Five Lamps Films' 24 Hour Film Challenge 2014. The competition brief included a line of dialogue ("If you don't ask, you don't get") and a prop (a badge) that had to appear in every scene/location change. 'Windowpane' was awarded 3rd Prize by Five Lamps Films and was subsequently selected to screen at the London Short Film Festival (2015) as part of the 'Father' category.


Starring Marie Holliday, Peter Simons & Lily Holliday. Sound by Alex Gilbert, Music by Stuart Samuels.


Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Mark Duggan.

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