Synopsis: "A man (Yoann Moëss) reflects on his relationship with his ex-girlfriend (Jolene Rathmill) after she moves out of their city centre flat. As the days pass, feelings of loss, longing and isolation increase, as his home begins to trigger memories of the loving moments that they had shared together."


Starring Yoann Moëss, with Jolene Rathmill. Sound Design by Lewis Martin / Sound Recordings by Jordan Muzio, Kyle Yallop, Tara Mason, Jamie Roberts, Josh Ison, Greg Barratt, Taylor Conner, Lewis Martin, Harrison Conner, Owen London, Joe Bennett, Jodie Atkins / Music by Lewis Brewster. Thanks to Terry Corbett, Natasha K. Dunn, Jon Holmes, Paul Smith & Brooksby Melton College.

Written, Directed, Filmed, Edited & Produced by Mark Duggan (2015).