X (2020)
Teaser Trailer

'X' . Synopsis: The people you let in have the power to change your life and outlook forever... After a long-term relationship breaks down, a man reflects on the monumental impact the 'ex' has had on his life. Will this once sentimental soul ever be the same again?

Cast: Terence J Corbett, Jennifer Hayden, Andrea Pizza, Johnny Byrom, Michael Nicholas Schofield, Lucy Lucia Brennan, Samantha Vaughan,

Keith French, Kelly Freemantle, Andrew Marsden, Vinny Corbett, Billy Doherty, Simon Jennings, Sarah Maher, Alex Gilbert, Lindsay Walker, Andrew Regan,

Al Jones, Tracie Daly, Christopher Pavlou, Ali Donohue, Lewis Brewster, Tracy Gabbitas, John Ammirati, David Burnip, Brian Peters,

Christopher Deakin,  Shaun Garvey, Jacob Qureshi-Boland & Rhiannon Cullen.

Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Mark Duggan.