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Man With A Cine-Cam Collection (Factual, 2017)

In this short documentary, Ian Hudd discusses his passion for collecting 'Cine-Cameras', a passion that grew out of various childhood memories & a lifelong love of vintage & period technology.

The interview for this film was shot in the summer of 2012 but production on the documentary was delayed when Mark and Ian were unable to sync schedules to shoot what would have been the final sequence (Ian watching his uncle's old home movies). However, following Ian's untimely death, the project was completed with the available material and released online in 2017.

The film is presented in black-and-white (with brief segments in colour) and edited in an aspect ratio of 4:3 (in honour of Ian's love for old home movies).

Starring Ian Hudd. Thanks to Alex Gilbert & Stuart Samuels.


Directed, Filmed & Edited by Mark Duggan.

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