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Pre-Production: A Director's Perspective (Factual, 2017)

A factual film highlighting Erik Knudsen's approach to the planning and preparation for his independent feature film, 'Cleft Lip' (Dir. Erik Knudsen, One Day Films, 2018. Available to buy/rent via: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play & Vimeo).

This documentary was an opportunity to compliment and build on the interviews that were conducted with Erik for 'The Raven on the Jetty: Video Blogs' (2012-2013). One Day Films/Erik Knudsen: "This [documentary] is an intimate reflection on the challenges and opportunities by a director committed to independent, micro budget filmmaking."

'Pre-Production: A Director's Perspective' blends footage shot on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPad Mini, GoPro Hero4, Canon 5D MK II & Leica SL. Audio recorded with an iPad using the RØDE app.

Documentary conceived, directed, filmed & edited by Mark Duggan.

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