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Own Worst Enemy (Music Video, 2011)

The narrative for this music video sees Terence J Corbett as Mike, a man in the final stages of a mental breakdown as he indulges in alcohol, drugs, women and violence. Featuring the You Animals track of the same name, the video was released to coincide with the launch of the band's debut album, Crimes, Creeps & Thrills, and features cameos from every member of the band.

Starring Terence J Corbett. Featuring Jolene Rathmill, Kate Atchison, Liam Ashworth, Lewis Brewster, Matt Rigby, Kate Morris, Ryan Needham, Liza Violet, Stuart Samuels, Martin Samuels, Mark Stone, Matt Spalding.


Directed, Produced, Shot & Cut by Mark Duggan.

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