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Going For Golden Eye (Feature, 2017)

Cinematographer / Camera Operator

Woodhouse Pictures: "August 25th 1997 was a date that changed gaming history forever…GoldenEye was released on Nintendo 64. The games legendary 4 player multiplayer ruled the 90s. Now, in 2017, as the 20th Anniversary of the GoldenEye World Championship approaches, the last remaining handful of loyal players prepare to compete on the (former) grandest stage. Ethan is the reigning 19-time GoldenEye world champion, looking to make history by winning his 20th title. Ben, a first time competitor, leaves the safety of his bedroom to face his hero – Ethan, the ‘Golden Child’ of video games.
GoldenEye is Ben's whole life and he has a point to prove to his un-supporting family and his own past, which comes back to haunt him."

'Going For Golden Eye' is available to buy/rent on Amazon & Vimeo.


Directed by Jim Miskell.

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